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Introduction to Machine Learning


A workshop I created and co-taught at HackUMass to introduce the basics of machine learning. You can find the slides here and a video recording of here. Additionally you can find the Flask starter code which was created by Christopher Rybicki here.


CS 326 Web Programming

Undergraduate course, University of Masachusetts Amherst, College of Information and Computer Sciences, 2020

In the spring of 2020 I was a graduate teaching assistant for CS 326 at UMass Amherst taught by Professor Emory Berger. CS 326 is a course in which students work in groups to complete a full web development project from start to finish. The teaching materials cover HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the students have to create a web based application to do anything of their choosing as the final project. As a graduate TA I worked on developing course materials and assignments, all of which can be found on Professor Berger’s GitHub repo for the course here.